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J.M. Malone and Son, Inc. is a family owned and operated commercial fish farm located in Lonoke, Arkansas. The farm was started in 1952 by Jim M. Malone Jr. and his father Jim M. Malone Sr.. Jim Malone Jr. is recognized as a pioneer of commercial warmwater fish production in the United States and was the first to produce 100% Triploid Grass Carp on a commercially viable scale. In 1974 Jim's wife Doretta joined the company full time and pioneered the use of the Coulter Counter for rapid identification and isolation of Triploid Grass Carp in 1983 to make J.M Malone and Son the World's Largest Producer of Certified Triploid Grass Carp.

     Today Jim Malone Jr.'s son, Jim B. Malone and daughter, Beverly continue their parents legacy producing Triploid Grass Carp and warmwater sportfish on 1900 acres of fish production ponds in central Arkansas. J.M. Malone and Son, Inc. remains the World's Largest Producer of Triploid Grass Carp and continues to set the standard in the fish farming industry for quality and service.

     As a distributor of live fish, J.M. Malone and Son, Inc. is aware of the need to monitor and prevent the spread of fish diseases such as Largemouth Bass Virus and VHS. In that regard the farm is sampled bi-annually under the supervision of an APHIS approved veterinarian and fish are tested for LMBV, VHS, IPN, SVCV, IHN and Carp Erythrodermatitis using APHIS approved protocols. Since testing began the farm has tested negative for LMBV,VHS, IPN, SVCV, IHN and Carp Erythrodermatitis for 13 consecutive years. To further protect ourselves and our customers the farm also operates under a biosecurity plan to prevent the introduction and potential spread of such fish diseases.

     Our priority is customer satisfaction and we strive to offer the largest volume, highest quality and widest selection of fish species and sizes for the warmwater pond and lake stocking industry. In recent years we have undergone extensive construction projects to expand and upgrade our live fish holding facilities and production ponds allowing us to provide large volumes of high quality fish on a daily basis. With these new facilities our trained staff has loaded as many as 65 live haul trucks per week.

     We hope you find this website informative and look forward to supplying your fish stocking needs.


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